How do I hide part of my entry behind a link? What is an lj-cut?

Test this in your own journal to be sure it works properly for you before posting pics here.

Members with slow internet connections can't access the site if there are graphics showing on the main page. You must hide them with an <lj-cut> so they only appear on the second page. There is an opening tag that goes in front of the part you want to hide, and a closing tag at the end of the hidden part. Anything in front of, or after, those tags, will still show on the first page. Text can also be hidden.

  • HTML editor: Copy and paste the following into your journal entry. Replace the Read more with whatever text you want to show up in your link - keep the quotation marks. Put whatever you want to hide between the top line and the bottom line.

    <lj-cut text="Read More">


  • Rich Text editor: Highlight the text you want to cut, then press the <lj-cut> button (). In the dialog box, you can replace "Read more..." with another word or phrase to link to the entire entry. You must keep the quotation marks around the text.

  • Downloadable Client: Many clients available for download contain simple ways to use the <lj-cut> tag. For information on a specific client, consult its documentation or menu options.

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